Hardwood Flooring in Ottawa-Things to Know Before You Buy

Timber is the most popular type of wood used in construction and building. And, when it comes to hardwood it is a wood product made from timber. Hardwood flooring is any hardwood product made for flooring purposes. Hardwood flooring not only adds a traditional touch to space around but it also looks lavish and aesthetic.


Wood as a flooring material is quite famous nowadays and is also a vibrant part of modernly designed homes. The hardwood flooring in Ottawa comes in a number of styles, types, and colors to fit different preferences and budget of people. Every portion of your home, be it the living room, the bedroom, or the kitchen area; can look beautiful when decorated with any kind of hardwood flooring.

Wondering which type of hardwood flooring to choose? Read on to clarify your doubts and choose a flooring option you would boast about.

Hardwood Flooring-Unfinished VS Prefinished

Unfinished hardwood flooring looks warm and adds that authentic vibe to the space around. Generally, in case of unfinished flooring, the experts coat and conduct the finishing process on-site. Whereas in the case of prefinished flooring, the floors come ready to use i.e. they are coated and laminated in the factory itself.


Which One to Choose?

Unfinished hardwood flooring has its own advantages owing to the unique and natural looks it has to offer. When finishing is added on to unfinished hardwoods on-site, it reflects artistic work. One also gets flexibility over finishing options, which are abundant in case of unfinished flooring. Another added advantage of unfinished flooring is it’s easy cleaning and repairing process and uniformity of stain paint that it offers.

On the other hand, prefinished hardwood flooring is also a viable option as it promotes a faster installation process, is less messy, produces no odor, and also because of low costs involved. Looking at what advantages the two types of flooring offer, choose the option that is most suitable when looking for flooring in Ottawa.

Hardwood Flooring-Solid VS Engineered

Solid hardwood is a type of solid wood with no hollow spaces in-between. The visible portion of solid wood is 100% wood with no blending of other materials. On the other hand, engineered hardwood is a layered product that is not 100% wood. It has layers of plywood underneath glued together to provide planks of engineered wood.

Which One to Choose?

 Solid hardwood offers durability and authenticity and also is popular for its easy reparability.  Solid hardwood can be sanded over and over again and thus, is a reliable option as it offers a great return. Ottawa hardwood flooring offers easily maintainability of solid hardwood flooring and ensures that the installation is done perfectly to last for ages.

Talking about the advantages an engineered hardwood offers, it is a better option when thinking about installations in the basement area owing to the moisture resistance it offers unlike solid hardwood flooring. Also, there are a number of ways to install engineered hardwood flooring such as stapling or gluing.


Wrapping Up

Looking at the different types of hardwood flooring options available, knowing what a particular type offers becomes a must. This helps in making a better decision as you invest your hard-earned money and efforts into it. An add-on tip when thinking of hardwood flooring is to look for flooring firms that offer discounts on flooring in Ottawa, as small savings can also make a huge difference sometimes.