Best Flooring Options To Bring Nature Into Your Home

Living in the city can be really stressful. There is nothing more relaxing than living in a home with the touch, smell, and sight of nature. Check these four flooring ideas to know how you can bring nature to your home.

When you are stressed, your best escape is to get a dose of fresh air and tranquility that only mother nature can give. But, with the busy schedule you have, you can no longer afford to have an out of town vacation. If you can’t find time to see and experience the soothing benefits of nature, why not bring it to your home instead?

Here are the top four flooring ideas to stay connected to the outdoors while living in a modern and urban environment.

Bamboo flooring


Bamboo is one of the types of wood that are used as a flooring material. Although the bamboo tree is considered as a grass type plant, it shares the same characteristics as hardwood.  Not only that it is cheaper, it is also easier to maintain than hardwood. Bamboo flooring is  easy to maintain and is also durable. When used as a flooring material, it can make your home look natural. It creates a feeling of walking in the forest. It comes in various colors, sizes, and grains so it’s sure you have a wide range of options to choose from.

Cork flooring


Cork is a new player in the flooring world. Long were the days when the cork was used only as a pin board on walls and as a bottle cover of your favorite. Now, cork has made more sophisticated. In fact, it has been used as a great material for floors.  Installing cork flooring will give your home a unique and warm texture which can make you feel closer to mother nature.

Wood flooring


Hardwood has been popularly used flooring material. Hardwood comes in various types, cuts, and color. Using hardwood for your flooring will not only make your home look expensive, it can as well give a natural wood ambiance. Be careful not to use hardwood in your basement or on floors that are extremely exposed to water or humidity.

You can leave your hardwood unfinished so it will give an authentic feel. However, if you want it to last longer and to look more stunning, you can polish it with any finishing material you want. You can choose from rich, red-toned cherry to silvery Scandinavian pine. Check with the local flooring stores in Ottawa to know which hardwood type is available.

 Stone flooring


Beautiful and natural stone flooring never goes out of style. Although famously used on bathroom floors, stones can also be installed anywhere in your house. Like other flooring materials, it also comes in different types, cuts, kinds, and colors. For rustic classic effect, you can go for the slate. Other great options are granite, limestone, marble, and the crystallized travertine.

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