Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Ottawa Hardwood Flooring

There is currently a wide selection of woods available in the United States that you can use for your Ottawa flooring needs. Depending on your preference, you can choose a kind of wood that can give your room a rustic and natural appeal or perhaps an elegant and sophisticated look.

A beautiful wooden floor can certainly make up a room with character. With the many types of woods for flooring Ottawa to choose from, it is vital to know how each wood type will look if you install it on your home. You also have to know how much you will be spending for the entire floor area and how much maintenance work does a certain type of hardwood wood need. To help you decide whether or not you will use hardwood home flooring, here are some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage 1: Naturally Beautiful
The top advantage and perhaps the main reason why a lot of homeowners choose hardwood for their floor is that it is naturally stunning. It has the ability to make any room look more elegant. If you are refurbishing your house because you are considering to sell it, installing a hardwood flooring Ottawa can add up to its value and can make it look more appealing and durable in the eyes of the buyers.


Advantage 2: Sturdy and Durable
Hardwood, if compared to other flooring materials like for instance the Ottawa laminate flooring, is proven more durable and sturdy. It can last for generations and can retain its beauty for long years.


Advantage 3: Low Maintenance
Hardwood flooring generally requires low maintenance. If the finish is already worn out, you can easily refinish it even for a couple of times. Depending on wear and on the refinishing product you use, each finish can last for no less than 15 years.


Advantage 4: Variety of Options
There are a variety of wood options to choose from. Depending on how you want your room or house to look like, you can choose different types, cuts, finish, and styles of woods for your Ottawa hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood perfect for about any design schemes including rustic, contemporary, country, and traditional.
Disadvantage 1: Not for Humid Areas

There are merely three major disadvantages of hardwood Ottawa flooring. One is that it can’t be installed in damp and below grade areas like your garage, laundry room, and bathroom because it can easily absorb warp, moisture, buckle, and crack.

Disadvantage 2: Labor Intensive
Hardwood installation is labor intensive and would require a skilled professional to install it properly.


Disadvantage 3: Expensive
Hardwood offered by different Ottawa flooring companies are generally expensive. If you want to go for an exotic type of wood like sakura, koa, or Brazillian cherrywood, you will need to extend your budget as they can be extremely expensive. However, if you want economical types of woods, you can choose ash, maple, oak or hickory.


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